Silver Plated Rare Earth Neodymium AV Top Magnet

SILVER-PLATED AV Replacement & UPGRADE Magnets - Avid Lyfe, Continuous Current

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Compatible with authentics and clones!

Rare Earth Neodymium Silver Plated Magnets

Gold alone is 3-4 times MORE conductive than Nickel is.  Nickel being the primary plating on your stock magnets. Silver is even better than Gold!

Able, Gyre, Manhattan v1/v2, Manhattan Ringer, Apollo, Shock and Awe, Skylines, Timekeeper, Optic, m1p5, Diplomat, ACTivist, XL, Saturn, and more!

  • The "regular" Silver-Plated Bottom larger magnet for the button housing has the SAME PULL STRENGTH AS AUTHENTICS.
  • The "regular" smaller Top Magnet for the Button Housing contains 10 lbs of magnetic force (Compatible with the Peg/Buster Series, Able, Manhattan, Timekeeper, and Ringer). THESE HAVE A HIGHER PULL STRENGTH THAN YOU GET WITH AUTHENTIC VERSIONS OF THESE MODS.
  • Large Upgrade set is made up of 2 of the MOST POWERFUL magnets (n52) that can be made with a combined pull strength of 7lbs more than an authentic has and is an excellent upgrade whether you are rocking an Authentic or not...These two together only measure .06" thicker than the one normal magnet that is in place and does not prevent you from locking your button or impede performance at all.  The contrary, they improve its performance with superior conductivity alone!
  • The Small Top Upgrade set is made up of the 2 highest powered Magnets of their size (n52) and have a combined Pull strength of 13Lbs.
  • The full Upgrade set is made up of the 4 magnets mentioned in previous 2 Bullet Points.
  • The slim Top Magnet is for use with the Key Switch Button housings OR to add additional strength to your current magnet. It is the strongest magnet that can be made at this size as well (n52).


Neodymium magnets are brittle and fragile.

Neodymium magnets are made of a hard, brittle material. Despite being made of metal, and the shiny, metallic appearance of their nickel plating, they are not as durable as steel.

Neodymium magnets can peel, chip, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together. Eye protection should be worn when handling magnets since shattering magnets can launch small pieces at great speeds.

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