Solid .925 Silver Spring for all AV Avid Lyfe, CompLyfe, Bane, Purge Devices

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Solid .925 Silver Spring for all AV Avid Lyfe, CompLyfe, Bane, Purge Devices

Upgrade to Solid .925 Silver Spring Replacements on ALL AV Avid Lyfe devices!

Note:  This is for use in Authentic or Clone!

  • Guaranteed to notice a difference in performance!
  • Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper
  • Silver is the most conductive metal on the planet and copper is the second most conductive metal on our planet, so do not question their performance!
  • Copper and Silver on a molecular level fit each other like a glove, fitting/filling in the gaps between atoms so that 2 normally soft metals, when combined, make a much harder metal alloy that we call Sterling Silver


    Please be aware that unlike magnets, Springs will only have a lifespan of approximately 3 months (depending on use, your builds, device this can vary).  The power gain you get with a silver spring comes at a cost.  The spring will carry the Amp load and be exposed to heat.  Heat is its enemy and takes its toll.  In turn, over time the spring will become weaker and you must be very aware of this.  You certainly do not want it to collapse and auto-fire your device.  Should such an event happen I recommend you immediately unscrew your button or rda to sever the power cycling through your device.  Anyone that sells you a spring and does not share this knowledge either is not knowledgeable or simply wants your money and does not care for your safety.  Your safety is my primary concern.  Believe that!